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Sunflower Field


Coming Back to The Land....

It only took 20 years in the corporate world, overwhelming stress and a heart attack in 2022 to bring me back to my roots.

I have been farming in one way or another my entire life. Growing up on a tobacco farm in Maryland, to growing corn and soybeans in Iowa, through Florida with gardens filled with watermelons, green peppers and strawberries to finally raising my children on 120 acre farm in Wisconsin, growing things is in my blood.

I have such fond memories of loading the back of the pickup truck full of corn and the kids and I would sell them right out of the back. It's hard work but absolutely fulfilling!

Last year I finally realized that my heart was to be back on a farm. 

My deep love of flowers and my daughter's dreams of homesteading collided into the perfect dream....Penny Blossoms Farm.

We are so excited to have you join us on this amazing (and a little scary!) venture as we turn raw land in Macon, NC into colorful fields of beautiful flowers.

We will use my lifetime of farming knowledge to nurture the soil using regenerative soil management to bring locals the most beautiful, pesticide free blooms in the area!

We are glad to have you follow along!


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